Indian Army Syllabus 2020 PDF (In Hindi): Clerk, Technical, GD

Indian Army Syllabus 2020 PDF (In Hindi): Clerk, Technical, GD, Tradesman: निचे दी गयी टेबल में से आप जिस पोस्ट की रैली भर्ती के फॉर्म भर रहे हैं उसपे क्लिक करें । Exams Enquiry वेबसाइट के इस पेज पर सभी पोस्ट के सिलेबस (पाठ्यक्रम) और लिखित परीक्षा पैटर्न उपलब्ध हैं ।
Exam Pattern General Duty Tradesman
Technical Nursing Assistant Clerk/SKT

Indian Army 2020 Exam Pattern

Examination pattern is different for different posts. Along with the syllabus of different posts, their written examination or CEE patterns are also mentioned. Besides, check GD Exam pattern for example in the table.

S. No. Subject Questions Marks Pass Marks Remarks
1.  General Knowledge 15 30 32 NCC “C”
Holders Are
2. General Science 20 40
3. Maths 15 30

Indian Army 2020 GD Syllabus

  • Mathematics
      1. Mensuration – Area and perimeters of Squares, rectangles parallelograms and circles, volume and the surface area of cube, cuboids, cone, cylinders and sphere.
      1. Geometry – Lines and angles, triangles quadrilaterals, parallelograms and circles.
      1. Algebra – Basic operations and factorization, HCF and LCM, quadratic equations.
    1. Arithmetic – Consisting of numbers, HCF, LCM, Decimal fraction, square roots, percentage, Average, Ratio and proportion, partnership, profit & loss, unitary method, time work and distance,
      simple interest.
  • General Science
      1. I/O Numeral Ability – The questions will be based on the ability of the candidates of age a group ranging between 16 & 20 years.
      1. Human Body – Food and nutrition, diseases and prevention, vitamins and their uses.
    1. Note: Question of General Science consisting of topic related to Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Based on fundamentals and day to day activities.
      Medical Terms.
      Scientific Terms.
      Scientific and Research Institutes in India.
  • General Knowledge
    1. Read a lot about the following –
        1. Current Affairs and “Who’s Who”.
        1. The world of Plants and animals
        1. Books and Authors.
        1. International Organizations.
        1. National and International Days.
        1. Religious communities and Principal Languages
        1. The Constitution of India.
        1. Environment.
        1. Inventions and Discoveries.
        1. Continents and Sub Continents
        1. Indian News Agencies and Dailies.
        1. Institutions and Research Stations, International Space Stations and Festivals of India and World.
        1. Indian Towns, States and Uts.
      1. Indian Armed Forces.
    2. Terminology
      1. Legal terms and Misc terms
      2. Astronomical terms
      3. Economic terms
      4. Geographical terms
    3. Geography
      1. Biggest and Longest
      2. Geographical Tallest
      3. Lakes and famous waterfalls.
      4. Rivers
      5. Deserts
      6. The earth principal peaks
      7. Solar System Space exploration
    4. History
      1. National movement
      2. landmarks of Indian History
      3. Important dates & battles in Indian and World History.
    5. Awards & Prizes – National awards, Gallantry awards, Nobel Prizes.
    6. Sports – National and International.
    7. Abbreviations – National and International.

Indian Army 2020 Tradesman Syllabus

Mathematics Syllabus for Indian Army Tradesman

    • Mensuration: Cylinders and Sphere, Cone, Cuboids, Area of Cube, Volume and Surface, Rectangles, Parallelograms and Circles, Area and Perimeters of Square.
    • Geometry: Parallelograms and Circles, Triangles Quadrilaterals, Lines and Angles.
    • Algebra: Quadratic Equation, Highest Common Factor and Least Common Multiple, Basic Operations and Factorization.
  • Arithmetic: Simple Interest, Work and Distance, Unitary Method, Time, Profit and Loss, Partnership, Ratio and Proportion, Average, Percentage, Square Roots, Decimal Fraction, LCF, HCF, Consisting of Numbers.

General Science Syllabus for Indian Army Tradesman

  • Scientific and Research Institutes in India, Scientific Terms, Medical Terms, Questions of General Science Consisting of Topics related to Physics, Chemistry and Biology based on fundamentals and day to day activities, Human Body – vitamins and their uses, disease and prevention, food and nutrition.

General Knowledge Syllabus for Indian Army Tradesman

  • Who’s Who, Current Affairs, The world of plants and animals, Books and Authors, International Organizations, National and International Days?
  • Principal Languages, Religious Communities, The Constitution of India.
  • Environment, Inventions and Discoveries, Sub Continents and Continents, Indian News Agencies and Dailies.
  • Festivals of India and World, International Space Stations, Institutions and Research Stations, UNO: Indian Armed Forces, Indian Towns, States and UTs.
  • Terminologies – Misc Terms, Legal Terms, Astronomical Terms, Economic Terms, Geographical Terms.
  • Geography – Biggest and Longest, Geographical Tallest, Lakes and Famous Waterfalls, Rivers, Deserts, The Earth Principal Peaks, Solar System Space Exploration.
  • History – National Movement, Lank Marks of Indian History, Important Dates and Battles in Indian and World.
  • Abbreviations – Awards and Prizes – National Awards, Nobel Prizes, Gallantry Awards, Sports – National and International.

Indian Army 2020 Technical Syllabus

Candidates who’re looking to apply online for Soldier Technical and Soldier Technical Aviation and Ammunition Examiner can Download PDF CLICK HERE for Syllabus of Technical Post for Indian Army Recruitment.

Indian Army 2020 Nursing Assistant Syllabus

Indian Army Nursing Assistant Syllabus of Chemistry – 

  1. Natural Resources-
      • Air – Air pollution, noise pollution and its effects on human beings, carbon monoxide and its ill effects, toxic effects of metallic particles, asbestos etc on living organisms, damage of historical monuments from acidic gases, corrosion of metals, release of carbon dioxide from fossil fuels and automobiles, role of trees, carbon dioxide and its adverse effect on living organisms, water and particulate matter in atmosphere, composition of atmosphere, role of atmosphere in protection from radiation.
    • Water – Use of non metals, use of water dependence of man on natural resources – minerals from earth metals and non-metals, ocean current, salts from oceans, sea water as habitat of organism, saturated and unsaturated solution, water as solvent, origin of life in water as medium for the activity of the living, water as a natural resources.
  2. Matter-Nature and Behaviour –
      • Electrolysis – electroplating, time and amount of metal deposited during electrolysis, movement of ions during electrolysis.
      • Chemical Bond – essential properties of electrovalent and covalent compounds, the formation of ionic and covalent bonds.
      • Extraction of Metals – uses of metals and non-metals, their compounds, properties of metals and some alloys, general metallurgical operations for extraction of pure metal, Metals and non-metals; occurrence.
      • Carbon and its compounds – soaps and detergents, rubber, plastics, introductory account of synthetic fibres, petroleum products, hydrogen and oxygen and their uses, simple compounds of carbon, related property and uses, hydrocarbon and their elementary structure, introduction, allotropes of carbon and their occurrence, structure, related property and uses.
      • Classification of Elements – gradation of properties of elements along a period and in the groups, periods and groups, periodic law, similarities and dissimilarities in the properties of some elements.
      • Electrochemical Cell – construction of a simple voltaic cell; working of an electrochemical cell; lead storage battery and dry cell.
    • Nature and Behavior – acid, bases and salts, oxidation and reduction, preparation and properties of hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and Carbon-di-oxide, valence electrons and valency, composition of nucleus – atomic number and mass number, protons and neutrons, structure of atom-electrons, molecules and atoms, Atomic theory, structure of matter, compounds and their mixtures, different types of elements and substances.

Indian Army Nursing Assistant Syllabus of Biology – 

    1. Ways of Living: 
        • Habitat and Organisms – the interdependent alternation of habitats and its effects on organisms including man conservation of habitats, habitat and organisms, classification of organisms based on habitats, Types of habitat, Habitat.
        • Study of Birds – Habit and behaviour of familiar birds.
      • Adaptation – Functional adaptation in reference to life processes, structure adaptation with reference to internal and external factors, Structural and functional potentialities of organisms.
    1. Living Resources: wildlife conservation, conservation and monitoring of wildlife parks and sanctuaries, means of replenishment through silviculture, need for proper replacement and management of living resources, ecological crisis due to deforestation, exploitation of resources, Renewable and non-renewable resources.
    1. Ecological Balance: recycling of waste materials for ecological balance, efforts for maintenance of ecological balance, biotic and socio-culture, environment physical, Man’s role in disturbing the balance.
    1. Cycles of Materials: water cycle, mineral cycles (Na K. Mg. Fe) Role of energy change in different cycles, oxidation processes, oxygen cycle, Carbon cycle, nitrogen cycle, nitrogen fixation.
    1. Essentials of good health: Hygienic habits and control of environmental pollution.
    1. Food Yield: smoking and drugs, Disorder caused by addiction to alcohol, causes and transmission by physical contact or vectors, care and management. Environmental pollutants, contaminated water, mixed cropping, use of good hybrids, protection of plants against diseases. Animal husbandry, artificial insemination, Different practices –use of fertilizers and manures, proper irrigation, nitrogen fixation, crop rotation.
    1. Wasteful Food Practices: faulty methods of preservation, traditional systems, mode of storage and distribution, Types of wastage, defective practices post harvesting.
    1. Food and Health
      • Necessity of balanced diet – hypervitaminosis, mottling of teeth and fluorosis, cardiovascular disorder, obesity, and other complications, control Harmful effects of over intake, mineral malnutrition, Symptoms of diseases, effects of insufficiency, Diet and nature of work, need and carbohydrates and fats, vitamins, minerals, sources of dietary proteins, carbohydrates and fats, vitamins, minerals. Deficiency diseases and their symptoms –protein-energy malnutrition.
    1. Human Beings
      • The uniqueness of the Human Body – Organisation of the human body, unique organs of the human
        body – biped and erect posture, opposite thumb, highly developed brain, the location of an eye, colour
        sensitive retina, the presence of salivary amylase, antigravity postural muscles, location tests,
        the capability of year-round reproduction, some characteristics of human body common to other
    1. Life Process: Nutrition -photosynthesis, autotrophs, heterotrophs, Respiration. Internal transport, Excretion, Reproduction. Growth and differentiation. Control and co-ordination.
  1. Basic Biology: Cells structure and functions, tissues, organs and organ system, outline classifications of plants and animals, adaptation and evolution.

Indian Army Nursing Assistant Syllabus of Maths – 

    1. Arithmetic: Natural numbers, integers, fractions, rational/irrational numbers, decimal fractions, HCF & LCM, square root, ratio and proportion, percentages, averages, profit & loss, simple and compound interest.
  1. Algebra: Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of algebraic expressions, HCF & LCM, factorisation, simple equations, surds, indices, logarithms, Solution of linear equations of two and three variables. Ratio and proportion meaning and standard form, roots and discriminant of a quadratic equation ax2 + bx + c = 0.

Indian Army Nursing Assistant Syllabus of General Knowledge (GK) –

    1. The world of Plants and animals.
    1. International Organizations.
    1. Environment.
    1. Continents and Sub Continents.
    1. Indian Towns, States and Uts.
    1. Current Affairs and “Who’s Who”.
    1. Books and Authors.
    1. National and International Days.
    1. Religious communities and Principal Languages.
    1. The Constitution of India.
    1. Inventions and Discoveries.
    1. Indian News Agencies and Dailies.
    1. Institutions and Research Stations, International Space Stations and Festivals of India and World.
    1. UNO.
    1. Indian Armed Forces.
    1. Terminology – Geographical terms, Economic terms, Astronomical terms, Legal terms and Misc terms.
    1. Geography – Solar System Space exploration, The earth principal peaks, Deserts, Rivers, Lakes and famous waterfalls, Geographical Tallest, Biggest and Longest etc.
    1. History – Important dates & battles in Indian and World History and landmarks of Indian History, national movement.
    1. Awards & Prizes – National awards, Gallantry awards, Nobel Prizes.
  1. Sports & Abbreviations – Internation & National.

Indian Army 2020 Clerk/ SKT Syllabus

Those candidates who’re looking to apply online for Clerk/ SKT post can download their Syllabus in PDF Click HERE. Further, remaining updates on latest recruitment rallies check below in Chart.

However, this permits the contestants to check the state names and consider the latest news regarding the Indian Army 2020 syllabus forever. The exam pattern is important for the candidates who prepare for recruitment and find the most recent updates from online.

So, this becomes the best part of checking the notification regarding the Indian Army examination. Moreover, the Recruitment Indian Army Written Test syllabus and pattern must provide on the exam manipulating website and apply for Indian Army recruitment forever. 

Recruitment Notification – Topic | Marks | Subject Wise Syllabus – Indian Army 2020

The Indian Army syllabus and exam pattern will be presented by the department and announce from the legitimate web addresses. In addition to this, the exam pattern will be released by the officials, and you can analysis it out from the link.

You will get a subject wise syllabus that provides the right approach to preparing the examination without any hassle. So, this allows the competitors to be updated with notification based on the syllabus and exam pattern & Indian Army Physical Test forever. The authentic will allow you to gather information regarding the Indian Army 2020 examination and get notification accordingly. 

In addition to this, the candidates require grabbing attention on the exam dates and syllabus related essential details from the board. Moreover, the exam pattern and syllabus will be available on URL and aspirants can figure out it and prepare accordingly. 

Exam dates will be soon announced by the board which makes the candidates check the notification from online. So, this provides the right approach for getting notification regarding registration and another process from the official links.

Syllabus of Army Bharti 2020 – Exam Pattern

In addition to this, the subject wise Indian Army syllabus and pattern for Indian Army examination 2020 will be soon declared by the officials. However, this provides necessary information for the candidates who need a notification about the Indian Army GD Recruitment 2020.

The aspirants have to keep track of the official site which offers the latest news about the Indian Army Syllabus 2020. So, it must provide sufficient information for the candidates who wish to join the Indian Army soon. As a result, it offers officials links to check the recent notifications regarding the Indian Army syllabus.


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